Artist statement

My work was born of the need to understand and externalize my personal experience of motherhood and the cycles of life. The pregnancy and the exercise of parenting activated on me the interest in materializing what was shown as a language and a way of standing before my own vitality transformed by another human being. The consequence of this investigation was therapeutic, constructive and visual possibilities of the paper when it is subjected to folding and rhythmic repetition. My artwork comprises diverse series of compositions that explore symmetry, the chromatic scale, space and form.

These factors on the surface is the sensitive evocation of mother care, the relationship that is build, made and prolonged in time. What I want to convey with my art is the universe of sensations awakened by the depth of the bond and which are only understandable in the gestures and the experience of movement, texture and calm. In the process by which the body releases oxytocin, the stimulating hormone that creates relationships, I have found a metaphor for the purpose of my work in the presence of the viewer. In this sense, I am interested in the way in which my work can transmit the expressive multiplicity of pregnancy, as a symbol of the force of life and the experience of feeling connected and inhabited by someone else.